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In Memory of Kevin Hallahan, Wicklow 5.6

Kevin was tragically lost in a mountaineering accident in Wales, where he was volunteering in a training exercise with the Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team.

Kevin worked with DPS Group for many years and was Performance Manager for the company; working with multiple business units and clients, both in Ireland and overseas. Kevin was a valued and highly motivated team member and he made a tremendous impact as Performance Manager in the Cork office and in his work with the Advanced Technology Group in Ireland and Israel.

He was also a skilled and experienced mountaineer who selflessly applied his knowledge to help those in need. Kevin could be relied upon to complete any task efficiently and safely, always looking out for his teammates. He was a man who cared for those around him, supporting and mentoring, with a kind word and his friendly smile.

As we get ready for Run the Line 2019, below are some thoughts from some of Kevin’s colleagues and friends from DPS Group:

Kevin was a remarkable man and everyone at DPS is better for having known him. For those of us that had the privilege of getting to know him as a “buddy” outside of work, we were humbled by his kindness and compassion. Tell them keep the “eye on the prize” was the last salutation I received from Kevin. Kevin had quite a few one liners to keep us all focused and motivated.

To this day the words “who needs help, who can help with this” echoes in our ears, and having now learned so much more about Kevin’s other passions we understand he lived his life as a helper in all areas, never shirking from going the extra mile or putting the shoulder to the wheel to complete a task.

On a team building event, we had a wilderness rescue scenario and Kevin told us some of his mountain rescue credentials, but not all, as he was modest and would never overshadow anybody; he was a coach, mentor and team player. Kevin was a leader in our Cork office, he never judged, he gave us the time and opportunity to learn, he didn’t pretend to have all the answers and wasn’t concerned about looking good. Kevin always showed infinite patience, but on rare occasions we definitely got under his skin, when we would correct his pronunciation of the word “activITies” or our infinite and creative reasons why we had not completed the activities. He would never break your trust; he was the one who gave you credit for the things he did.

Kevin’s legacy cannot be defined by the enormous positive impact he had on his colleagues in DPS as Performance Manger, and the new ways in which we now work. Kevin’s impact was so much greater to his family and his mountain rescue family, he left us with a light that will continue to guide us. Kevin is sorely missed, but he is the first and last thought at our daily huddles and we know he is there to help as we remove life’s “constraints and coordinate the weeks ahead”.

He was a wonderful person will forever be remembered by all who were privileged to know him. This weekend 25 of Kevin’s colleagues from DPS Group will take on the 2019 Run the Line challenge in his memory.

Wicklow 5.6 still on the hill.

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