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Thank you for signing up to RTL 2024! We hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are! We are excited to welcome you to the Glencullen Adventure Park for our DWMRT fundraiser. We’ve included information below to help you plan and navigate the event.

  1. Pre-event:


EMERGENCY NUMBER - (087) 343 1906

Please save this number to your contacts now under RTL - Help.  Should you find yourself in trouble on the hill please call this number.  


Race numbers

We will be posting out your race numbers ahead of the event.  That means you can simply turn up to the start line and race - no more hanging around, getting cold!



Participants are required to carry or wear a wind-proof jacket at all times during the race. Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to run or disqualification.


The trails can be muddy and challenging in parts so participants must ensure they have appropriate trail runners, clothing (hat or buff plus windproof jacket), water and food whilst competing, especially in case of bad weather.  Please pack with the forecast in mind. We would also suggest you bring a dry change of clothes for after the race so that you don’t catch a chill.

2. On the day:



Limited parking is available at the start/finish area in the Glencullen Adventure Park so please plan in advance how you will get to and from the event and carpool where possible. The carpark will be open from 8:30 am and will be staffed until 10:30 am.  Please follow the instructions of the parking attendants and note on-street parking in the Glencullen area is NOT allowed as the roads are very narrow and pose a safety risk. 


Help desk

Our help desk is open from 9 am - 10.45 am on the day of the event.  You will have received your race number by post in advance of the event but if you have any issues or wish to switch from the LONG course to the SHORT course on the morning, please speak to the help desk on the day and they will accommodate you.


If for any reason, you have not received your race pack, please alert the help desk and you can be issued with a replacement race number.



There will be briefings for all participants that will cover safety, the latest weather forecast, logistical considerations, and other important information. You will be briefed 5 minutes before your wave time.


3. The Run:


Start Times

We will have three waves for both the short and long courses. These waves will start as follows:


LONG course

  • 10:00 - Elite 

  • 10:10 - Competitive 

  • 10:20 - Challenger


SHORT course

  • 10:30 - Elite

  • 10:40 - Competitive 

  • 10:50 - Challenger


If you are unsure what wave to enter, guidance times for each of the waves are below.

Long Course

Elite 2hr - 2hr 35 pace

Competitive 2hr 35 - 3 hr 30 pace

Challenger 3 hr 30 - 4 hr 30 pace

Short Course

Elite 1hr - 1hr 15 pace

Competitive 1hr 15 - 1 hr 45 pace

Challenger 1 hr 45 - 2 hr 45 pace


Please note you have to be in the ELITE wave to win a prize. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd men and women in the long and short categories.  


Early starts

We recommend everyone starts at the official wave times so the course will be fully marked and fully marshalled. Anyone that wishes to start ahead of the above times can do so but please note that you will NOT be eligible for prizes.


Cutoff Times

Checkpoint Whiskey (aid and water station, long course only) will be after 7km on the outbound journey. The cutoff time to reach here for runners will be 12.15pm.


Runners will meet Checkpoint Whiskey again; this time after 14km on the return journey. The cutoff time to reach here will be 13.30pm.


Checkpoint Delta (aid and water station, both courses) will be after 18km (long course) and 5km (short course). The cutoff time to reach here will be 14.30pm.


The Course

The course is a mix of private land and Coillte forestry which includes a road crossing for the long course and mountain bike trail crossings for both courses. Please note Mountain Bikers have right of way.


The map of last year’s course is available here. Please note there are some minor changes from last year’s course due to recent tree felling in the area.

It is fully marked and marshalled so please adhere to all signage and marshal instructions. The trails will still be open and runners should yield and respect the other users of the trails.


We operate a ‘Leave no Trace’ policy and any littering will result in disqualification.


Aid Stations

There are two aid stations for the LONG course and one aid station for the SHORT course. Water and jellies are available here.  


Participants are advised to bring their own energy food and water bottles for the race.


4. Post race


Helly Hansen T-shirts – Earned Not Given

Everyone that runs and crosses the line, will earn a limited edition Helly Hansen technical t-shirt. Pick yours up when you cross that finish line!



Tea/coffee, soup and a sense of achievement for all finishers!


The GAP cafe will also be serving hot food before and after the event.  Please do not use the cafe seating unless you are a paying customer.



Prize-giving times for the short course will be 12.30 pm & 12:45 pm for the long course.



We will have the following DWMRT branded items available for purchase (cash and card accepted) on the day:


Thank You

Finally, on behalf of all at Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, thank you for all your support; RTL is one of our biggest fundraising events and it helps us to provide our search and rescue operations to those that find themselves in need of our help in the uplands.  

We’re super excited to be back and really hope you enjoy your run! Tag us in your photos and use #RTL24 for any of your social media posts.

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