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Event date is 18th November 2023.


The event will consist of two separate races, across the Dublin Mountains. Check out directions to the start on our Course Map page.


This year we will have waved start times to allow for a better experience and to aid your performance out on the trail. 


For the first time ever we will also have an 'Elite' start wave. You must be in this wave to win, time to get competitive!

Start Times 2023

Long Course

Elite (Wave 1)                10 am (Briefing 09:50 am)

Competitive (Wave 2)   10:10 am (Briefing 10:05 am)

Challenger (Wave 3)     10:20 am (Briefing 10:15 am)

Short Course

Elite (Wave 1)                 10:30 am (Briefing 10:25 am)

Competitive (Wave 2)    10:40 am (Briefing 10:35 am)

Challenger (Wave 3)       10:50 am (Briefing 10:45 am)

For guidance on which waves to choose, see FAQs below.

Download and read our Injury Prevention & Endurance Events document (Word file) and also our Run the Line training guide_2014 (Word file)


  • Where is the parking area for the event?
    There will be Parking locations at the Start/Finish area at Glencullen Adventure Park and we encourage carpooling and use of public transport.
  • Can I cancel / change my race ticket prior to race day?
    N.B. UPDATED 02/11/2023 As we are fast approaching race day, you can no longer make adjustments to your entry via your eventmaster account. Any further changes can be facilitated by emailing
  • Where can I register for the event?
    Registration is completed upon purchase of ticket, your race pack will be posted to you before the event date which will include race number and all relevant info.**Be sure to include correct address during the ticket purchasing process There will be important welcome and safety briefings for all participants that will cover safety, the latest weather forecast, logistical considerations and other important information on race day itself. Race begins from 10am on the morning , with waved start times.
  • Is there anything sent to me in the post before the event?
    Your race number and all relevant race info will arrive by post prior to race day. We will also be sending regular updates via email, and please check the Run The Line Facebook page – for updates.
  • What’s included in my entry fee?
    Professionally organised event by Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, public liability insurance, race timing system, race number, course marking, manned check points and hydration & feed stations. Our new Limited edition RUN THE LINE 2023 Helly Hansen Tech-tshirt along with our iconic race buff! Plus the warm glow that comes with helping fund a vital frontline emergency service!
  • Do you have any recommended kit for the event?
    The better you're prepared, the better you'll perform! Trail Running Shoes Hydration pack or water bottle Energy snacks Windproof top Hat or Buff Rain gear Participants must be aware that weather conditions in the mountains can change and deteriorate rapidly and should bring appropriate clothing to keep them warm in any adverse weather. It is also recommended that all competitors undertake a training program in the months leading up to this event to ensure the day is as memorable as possible. Nobody wants to be escorted off the couse by the RESCUE TEAM!
  • What electronic timing devices are being used?
    Your results are measured with the use of electronic timing equipment on your race bib.
  • How difficult is each event?
    Everything is difficult, if you're not prepared! We advise all participants to be aware of the distances and their ability, so as to get the best from the the day and the experience! We have two distance options – choose carefully! Keep in mind that the long option is 26km, over a mix of road and trail surfaces, and with an elevation gain over the course of over 1000m. The 13km option has most of the height already gained and is mostly on trail surface.
  • Are there any feed / hydration stations?
    There will be a hydration station 500m beyond the long/short course split (short and long routes) and the Pine Forest Car Park (long route only). Participants are advised to bring their own energy food, though some may be available at the hydration area.
  • Can I raise extra money?
    Yes, of course. Please see the download section for details on how to set up your own page. We are grateful for every penny raised, our Team is 100% voluntaryand survives solely off donations and fundraising events. We are endlessly thankful to any donations made to the Team.
  • Do you have any Rules that I have to adhere to?
    The event is open to runners, and walkers of 18 years of age and over. Participants must ensure they have appropriate footwear, clothing and have access to water and energy food whilst competing. All participants must refer to the recommended kit list. All participants must follow the prescribed course adhere to the spirit of the event by showing courtesy to other trail users, dropping no litter – we operate a Leave No Trace Policy, If you drop your rubbish you WILL be disqualified. Leaving gates as found, offering fellow runners who are injured, exhausted or confused, help and support and no dogs are allowed on the course.
  • Will I have to sign a Disclaimer?
    Yes, by entering the event you will be bound by the event disclaimer. It's the non-fun side of running events as this , but a strict requirement for all entrants.
  • Which wave should I choose?
    There are three waves each for the long and the short course; Elite, Competitive and Challenger. To win the race, you must be in the elite wave. Guidance times for each of the waves is below. Long Course Elite 2hr - 2hr 35 pace Competitive 2hr 35 - 3 hr 30 pace Challenger 3 hr 30 - 4 hr 30 pace Short Course Elite 1hr - 1hr 15 pace Competitive 1hr 15 - 1 hr 45 pace Challenger 1 hr 45 - 2 hr 45 pace
  • What time does each wave start?
    Long Course Elite (Wave 1) 10 am (Briefing 09:50 am) Competitive (Wave 2) 10:10 am (Briefing 10:05 am) Challenger (Wave 3) 10:20 am (Briefing 10:15 am) Short Course Elite (Wave 1) 10:30 am (Briefing 10:25 am) Competitive (Wave 2) 10:40 am (Briefing 10:35 am) Challenger (Wave 3) 10:50 am (Briefing 10:45 am)
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